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The Ocean Modules V8 Ecosystem Concept

From the eight thrusters in a vector configuration and advanced control system that started it all to a complete operational ecosystem.

Ocean Modules V8 Ecosystem Concept

The V8 Ecosystem Concept

Ocean Modules founder Claes Drougge envisioned the original V8 360° concept around the turn of the millennium.

In the years since the prototype was first demonstrated to the US Navy, the vectored thruster configuration, the advanced control system, the cutting-edge pilot environment, the SPOT.ON survey management software, autonomous operation through SPOT.ON Cruise Control, integrated containerised LARS/TMS and customer-developed applications have all come together to form what we now call the V8 Ecosystem Concept.

Ocean Modules is part of the Industrial Business Residence, which collects every single major supplier of electronics, mechanical manufacturing, surface treatment, large-scale production and testing under a single 40000 square meter roof, guaranteeing industry-leading support from rapid prototyping and integration to service and training.

Ocean Modules Reliability


Ocean Modules has recruited an entirely new development department consisting of handpicked individuals with many years experience from the medical device (under FDA supervision) and banking security system industries.

Redundancy, robustness and diagnostics are engineering into every new electronic, software and mechanical module, from automatically resetting electronic fuses to leak detection and ground fault detection capabilities.

Circuit board designs are optimised by a partner company whose portfolio includes design of electronics boards for modern fighter jets.

We are so confident that the reinvented V8 M500 Intervention and V8 L3000 Offshore ranges are reliable, that we offer customers an industry-unique service system guaranteeing uptime.

Ocean Modules Intuitive Control

Intuitive Control

The unique capability of the V8 range of ROV systems to rotate 360° around any axis means that they can be operated at any angle, and in any direction.

This allows operation in tricky spaces and the capability to conduct sonar and video inspections that follow the profile of sea floor, ship hull or subsea structure.

The choice of several operating modes makes piloting even more intuitive. Vehicle movement can be controlled relative to the surface, ideal for following a subsea structure, or relative to the body of the vehicle, ideal for tracking a moving object with a camera or sonar.

In reverse mode, controls are swapped around so that the ROV can be controlled naturally using an aft camera.

Ocean Modules Stability and Ease of Use

Stability and Ease of Use

In the Ocean Modules V8 ROV range the center of gravity and center of buoyancy are placed the middle of the vehicle. Stability is created artificially, using eight vectored thrusters, an advanced control system and feedback from precise sensors, whereas traditional ROV design places the buoyancy material at the top of the vehicle and ballast at the bottom.

The Ocean Modules approach allows the ROV to hold any position, with unlimited pitch and roll, indefinitely. Changes in depth, heading, pitch and roll due to external forces such as tether drag, swell, current or payload are automatically corrected.

This contributes to ease of operation in difficult environments, and access to spaces which would be difficult or impossible to work in with a traditional ROV.

Ocean Modules Maintenance

Modularity and Ease of Maintenance

All equipment and software delivered by Ocean Modules build on the same concept of modularity.

The number of required spares and turn-around-time for replacement is kept down by using stackable and identical option electronics boards. Each board runs the same firmware, which means a new version only needs to be programmed once. Its specific function is decided by its place in the backplane, so no additional configuration is required once the software has been uploaded to the ROV.

Diagnostics, including temperature, voltage and water ingress, are supplied by each individual circuit board as well as every thruster and I/O port. Electronic fuses trip in less than 100 microseconds and can be reset from the pilot interface.

Ocean Modules Documentation and Reporting

Documentation, Reporting and Open Standards

The patented SPOT.ON information management and reporting software ties all collected data, such as video, sonar, sample data, etc to geographical position. A printed report can be generated automatically within minutes of completing a survey, a job that previously required hours and hours of manual crosschecking of charts, video time codes, voice memos and notes.

From the internal data structures of the SPOT.ON mission data collection, to the Ethernet communication between the ROV and surface units to the XML-based results generated by the various software packages provided for reporting, Ocean Modules takes every possible measure to ensure compatibility with industry-standard hardware interfaces, software interfaces, positioning systems, charting systems and custom-built video analysis, tooling or sampling systems.

Ocean Modules Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership

Many, many references are available to survey companies, dive operators, government agencies and and military customers who have all determined that products from Ocean Modules are not only the best, but also the cheapest, providing the best value for investment over the lifetime of the system.

Ocean Modules technology is used every day all over the globe, from conquering both the North Pole and the South Pole through research expeditions, to protecting the borders of Finland, Australia and China to supporting existing and emerging energy markets in Norway and Russia.

Underwater activity planning, exploration, intervention, documentation and reporting has never been easier, faster, cheaper or safer.

Ocean Modules Global Experience and Support

Complete System Solutions and Global support

With a global network of sales, service and support offices around the world, chances are local help is not far away, regardless of location.

The automatic 360° control system and patented SPOT.ON survey management software make the Ocean Modules ROV systems the tool of choice for navies, coast guards, hydrographic institutions, border protection agencies, water police departments, crash site investigators, marine biologists, marine archeologists, research institutions, universities, fisheries, survey companies, fish farmers and companies in the oil, gas and wind power industries on every continent.

Ocean Modules is a complete system supplier of ROV systems, software and tools for every kind of underwater task.

Ocean Modules SPOT.ON Cruise Control

SPOT.ON Cruise Control

SPOT.ON Cruise Control is a new software that ties together the waypoint functionality of the patentend SPOT.ON Survey System software and the V8 ROV Control API providing seamless and entirely autonomous dynamic positioning, survey operation or object tracking.

Coupled with the dynamic position filtering capabilities of SPOT.ON, and the Ocean Modules containerised operating environment with integrated LARS/TMS, SPOT.ON Cruise Control represents the most cost-effective, fast and accurate survey solution available today.